How to choose the right hair topper for women

How to choose the right hair topper for women

If you’re looking for some extra volume to cover up certain areas of your hair that may be thinning, a hair topper can be the perfect solution to providing a gorgeous and natural transformation. With a lovely and extensive range available, choosing a hair topper could be nerve-wracking, but this guide will talk you through five steps that will help you through the process.

Step 1: Determine Your Stages of Hair Loss

The different stages of hair loss that you are experiencing is a large factor to consider in your journey to finding the perfect hair topper for you.

If you have thin or fine hair, or are experiencing the first stages of hair loss at the crown and parting area, women’s top pieces will hide this well. This wonderful solution blends into your own hair to create an effortlessly natural look.

If you are experiencing thinning or hair loss at the front hairline or temples, clip in fringes work their magic to add volume and increase your confidence. These fringes suit both short and long hair, whilst staying secure throughout your busy day.

For complete hair loss, you can use a full wig to cover the hair loss. Or full head hair pieces. 

Step 2: Fibre or Human Hair

With fibre toppers, you have the option to choose a hair enhancer that is already fabulously styled; whether you fancy curls, waves, or a sleek straight look – the fibre hair topper world is your oyster. You don’t have to worry about weather ruining your hair piece either, as it will hold its style whatever the weather. If you’re wondering about colour, fibre hair pieces can be any colour under the sun! Whether a natural colour is your preference, or something really ‘out there’, you are not limited when choosing a fibre hair topper.

It goes without saying that human hair toppers come with all of the pros and cons that your own hair would have. These toppers react to weather and require a little more up-keep with the washing and styling of them. However, using human hair means that they offer an incredibly natural finish. Owners of a human hair topper have to be careful styling though, as over exposure to heat can damage the topper just like it would your own hair. Human hair toppers tend to be more expensive than a fibre hair piece, but if it is the right one for you then it is definitely worth the investment.

Step 3: Hair length

Whether you opt for a similar style and length to your natural locks or opt for an ultimate hair fantasy, there are varying lengths of hair toppers available for you to choose from. The length of topper that you are looking for is important in determining which one is right for you. You can choose from short and sassy hair toppers, mid-length hair toppers, and also long and luscious hair pieces.

Step 4: Which Hair Colour Matches Your Own?

As most wig toppers are chosen to blend with your own hair, it is important to choose a colour which closely matches your natural hair colour. Human hair toppers can be hard to match exactly,  We recommend natural color or light blonde color. so you can re-dyed the hair by your hairstylist to reach your own hair color.

Step 5: Select Your Chosen Base

The different type of base can be create diferent look. 

1. Base size: that you choose should be determined largely by the location of your hair loss. 

2. Hand type: There are three bases available, monofilament, Lace  and Silk top. 

A monofilament base is constructed of individually attached hairs to a soft meshing. This gives the illusion that the hair growing naturally from the scalp. 

A Lace base is much breathable and soft. free parting and different colors available.

A silk base is the most real looking, mimics bio scalp, free parting,Just like each strand of bio hair growing from your own scalp.

Hair toppers with this base are particularly good if you are suffering from severe or total hair loss. These caps are known for their comfort and for being easy to style however you desire.

If you’re looking to choose a hair topper but are still unsure of which one to choose from, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help! Alternatively, check out our blog for even more product information, advice, and wig wearers’ experiences.