The Fastest & best Treatment for Men’s Hair Loss for Men

The Fastest & best Treatment for Men’s Hair Loss for Men

All procuctsThe majority of men will experience varying degrees of hair loss or balding in their lifetime. Some guys even start to loose their hair in their 20s and 4 out of 5 men will have major hair loss in their 50s.

You are not alone brother; it’s nothing out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common. Welcome to our club. Hair loss can cause a devastating damage to a man’s confidence. You might start to wear a hat and won’t go out without it and always worried that your girlfriend might find out. It is just so embarrassed and frustrated.

There are actually several options to regain your hair, including wearing a toupee, taking medicines, having a hair transplant surgery, etc. Comparatively, wearing a toupee, which is also called a men’s hair replacement system, is apparently the most economic and safe choice and can avoid you from needles, knives and several months’ waiting time.

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A men’s hair system is made up of two parts, the base and hair. Some bases are made of lace and some are skin. The hair is tied onto the base strand by strand to create the illusion that it grows out from your own scalp. With the hair system, you can go to a barber shop to have it cut and installed. Then you can regain your old hair. Sounds amazing?! Over the years’ development, you can always find the right one that matches you in the hair type, color, texture, etc.

Here are three commons type of base

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HD pictures of  lace base


HD picture of thin skin base

thin skin base toupee

HD picture of silk base

silk base toupee


Is it affordable?

A men’s hair system only cost $100 to $200 and you can use it for 2 to 6 months for each piece.

Here are some actual case, We can use different ventilating methods in different parts of the base to make the hair move just like your own hair would. 

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We are totally understand it is not an easy decision to make for the first time and you might have tons of questions and concerns. Visit our website and have a look at our products and check the features for each item. Contact our customer service: . We are here to help you.